Negative effects of using a free email service for your business.

Using a free email service for your business is like having a well-established business at a prime location (your domain name) with a well-developed infrastructure (your website) but using the service of a nearby telephone booth (free email) for your communication needs. With this, you cannot be considered as a reliable and committed business.

1. You Get Lost in the Crowd

Your business cannot distinguish itself as a business brand with an email ID like and it gets lost in the crowd of free email users that also include your customers, thus leading to loss of business credibility.

2. You Look Unprofessional

With a free email address, you look nowhere close to a professional and this highly unprofessional impression can cost you much on the business front.

3. You Look Suspicious

Without professionalism and a distinguished identity, you quickly lose your customer’s trust as most spammers and fraudsters also use free email service.

4. Your Identity can be Stolen Easily

Anybody can create an email ID on any free mail platform. So, it’s possible for anyone to do fraud and cheat your company by creating a mail ID with your business name, with slight variations like and use it as they like, thereby harming your business irreparably.

The above points show that your business is at a serious disadvantage by using free email service and provide compelling reasons to explore a better option of using professional business email on you own domain.

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